Tweets for 2009-12-12

  • Hmm, sorry to Lines&Savage - but The Only Ones did the punk/psychedelia thing better than anyone else.
    spotify:track:52QZyQgIleFXjIaBECRQ5d #
  • The Lines according to Jon Savage: Spotify: The Lines – White Night #
  • Curry, chocolate cake and excellent Culture Show (PiL&Braun on the same bill!), then Andrew Marr and his luminous ears + few frames of pool. #
  • - British alchohol prices 1L of Smirnoff £12 in the shops. #
  • "most disturbing sight … queue for A&F" @crystalbennes
    Spot on, I laugh at the folly every time I walk past #
  • Friday fun:Dominic "McNulty" West on HIGNFY, whole Seinfeld crew on crazy Curb Your Enthusiasm show, watching Kapoor's cannon being fired x2 #

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