Tweets for 2009-12-08

  • Stranded good,but "Prehistoric Sounds" is fav. Spotify: The Saints – Prehistoric Sounds #
  • Spotify: The Saints – (I'm) Stranded. The original long-haired punks. #
  • Had a browse through all tracks in SingStar to prepare for X-mas (no I can't sing either).
    Biggest shock was finding "I'm Stranded"/Saints. #
  • So golfer is having sex,his Swedish wife (marriage in Sweden on avg last 11 years),mother-in-law gets ill on visit- and this is world news? #
  • Sam Taylor-Wood at Apple was an ambivalent affair: good conversation, an affable Sam; but venue not ideal, simply too much background noise. #
  • Currently listening to via @iso50
    Free ISO50 digital EP. #
  • At "Meet the film-maker" event Apple store, Regent Street. Sam Taylor-Wood should be here in ten. #
  • Vital Ingredient's beef stew for winter must be a cousin of our Norwegian "lapskaus" (giving name to the scousers). Very nice. #
  • Queue for Kapoor. #
  • - Walking the red carpet at the Burlington Arcade #

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