Tweets for 2009-12-06

  • UK's richest man set to make cool £1 billion by massive carbon credits received. Giving Mittal £1bn will surely save the world. What a CON. #
  • - Typo of the week: "members of the pubic" #
  • - Royal Airforce ad: nurse finds cans of Coke #
  • Still going through SXSW 2009 torrent.Sturgeon's law applies:Ninety percent of everything is crud,although I would say 95% of class of 2009. #
  • I have banned nothing apart from Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and ELO in my house; Townes Van Zandt, The Who and Sparks fill those spaces. #
  • Current NME (Hello mag for the indie kids) editor has banned everything but Dylan from her house.
    Can the NME pls just roll over and die? #
  • Best way to get photos to look right on both Twitter and Twitpic (text will show on stream) is to email twitpic account with subject line. #
  • - Fever Ray lightshow at HMV Forum #
  • - Hildur Gudnadóttir warming up for Fever Ray #
  • - Fever Ray setlist HMV Forum (Kentish Town), London 20091206. #

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