John Geiger’s response on The Third Man Factor review link.

The comments are a bit hidden in the T1 template in use on and it’s not every day I get a response from an author (the power of Google?), so here’s some space for Mr Geiger. I actually read a review of The Third Man Factor in The Times, but could not find that link at the time of posting; so I used the Scotsman’s review instead (stories of survival are of great interest and I am currently reading Al Alvarez’s Risky Business which has a chapter on The Worst Journey in the World).

Here is Geiger’s response in full,

Don’t believe everything you read — especially in the Scotsman. Here is a sample of other reviews of The Third Man Factor:

“Call it a guardian angel, call it’s fascinating. Geiger’s account combines history, scientific analysis and true-life tales to haunting effect. I couldn’t put this down, and when I did I couldn’t sleep for thinking about it.” – The Bookseller

“Fascinating to read … This deeply humane book is more than the sum of its parts: Geiger elegantly demonstrates how these divergent and very personal experiences reveal our profoundly social nature. … Geiger is relentless and persuasive in investigating the science behind the experience, and describing the cascade of factors involved.” – Maclean’s

“Riveting…truly relevatory…an important book” – The Explorers Journal

“Geiger’s book has a lot going for it: The many accounts of Third Man visitations in perilous situations make for edge-of-seat reading, and the citations and explorations of the theory of the sensed presence give the book scientific weight. It even contains a moral.” – The Globe and Mail

I enjoy your site. John

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