Notes for a possible full article on the death of the CD.

Overall idea: buy music because you want to, not because you feel charitable for certain labels or artists. Long term the latter is not sustainable (at least not as a business (this is not about artistic value). Music was reduced to cheap plastic and a stream of bits -> Spotify is its conclusion.

  • Quality: tiny PC speakers, iTunes, Spotify
  • Superior technical quality will only help in niche markets, ie audiophiles into classical or jazz might buy Blu-Ray; no one else will
  • Good quality covers or series might not be enough: ie Rune Grammofon or Ghost Box
  • Limited editions or small runs of CDs and vinyl: make it unique, signed and numbered even better
  • Make it even more unique: hand-painted covers
  • Gigs: stand out, does not to be Alice Cooper, but sheer quality, showmanship or manic front-figure
  • Games: iTunes, GTA IV
  • Movies
  • Copyright started out in the thirties, goldrush to slightly modify traditional tunes and claim them as your own (as shown on “Folk America”, Billy Bragg is the new Cliff Richard)

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