Solution to Belkin USB stick Pre-N/N XP Problem.

I had problems with an F5D8051 USB stick saying “No wireless networks found” and generally dropping the wireless network. This after trying the driver CD that came with the card and also the latest driver download from the Belkin website.

After googling and reading a few forums this is what worked for me (Windows XP SP3)

  • Install the latest N1 Wireless USB Adapter F5D8051 driver from Belkin (f5d8051v2_ww_2.02.04)
  • Plug in the USB stick when asked and let the install complete
  • Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ and make a backup copy of Mrvw245.sys to Mrvw245.backup
  • Select the Belkin wireless adapter in Device Manager and rightclick to “Properties/Driver/Uninstall”
  • Uninstall the downloaded Belkin software (this is the culprit, it just doesn’t work with Windows)
  • Remove the adapter
  • Reboot your computer and log in
  • Copy your backup copy of Mrvw245.backup to Mrvw245.sys
  • Plug in the USB N1 Wireless USB Adapter again and this time let Windows XP find the driver (you might have to point it to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\)
  • Let Windows manage your wireless networks
  • Enjoy

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